What is MSMNETPHONE: Our service can save you dollars! Get a free VoIP Phone adapter! Save $99!

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Order your MSMNETPHONE service on our secure network or Call us 1-718-618-9700 . We also speak Hebrew! Phone in Israel is 02-560-9229

Welcome to  MSMNETPHONE where you will begin saving money instantly. Learn more about how Voice Over IP is revolutionizing the way individuals and corporations are saving up to 90% off their phone bills! Your package comes with a Free USA or Canadian Phone Number to be used worldwide! Choose between many plans and add an international phone number!


NEW! MSMnetphone Cellular!

Need a Cell Phone when traveling abroad but want to avoid all the hassles when you get there?

Want to call Israel as a local call while away?

Want family & friends to call you abroad for local charges?

MSMnetphone Cellular is what you need!

Call 03-9155754 or 03-9155720 to Order now!

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Account number
08.11.2008 Welcome
06.11.2008 Unlimited USA/CA $24.99
06.11.2008 Choose your phone number. USA/Toll Free/ + international numbers!
06.11.2008 Unlimited USA/CA/UK + Israel landline $29.99
06.11.2008 Unlimited USA/CA/UK + Israel landline & Mobile! $99.99
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